Make Over with Georgia Thalrose

Like a Rockstar Exclusive

Everyone has a story! The unique and interesting people in our city are what gets Vic42 really excited!

We would like our readers to meet Georgia Thalrose. A young woman finding her way in the world ends up in Victoria with a decision to change her life for the better by finally locking down a rewarding career. Georgia is passionate about Victoria and will be extending her studies to become a nurse; a solid commitment that she's undertaking after careful consideration. When other areas of jobs in the city showed less than sustainable financially for her lifestyle she decided to make the leap. A leap to go beyond her comfort zone - this step in life is always commendable. Thalrose was a guest at our Vic42 Summer Exclusive event and won the Make Over prize package...this photo is the result. A four week journey with a fitness trainer at Crossfit Zone, her smile was brightened at Academy Dental, her hair coloured and styled by Lab Salons and the photo by Vic42's very own Al Smith. Special thanks goes out to Melodie Reynolds of Elate Eco-Cosmetics for the make up work. Wardrobe styling by Vic42's Teresa Lindsay is the final finish to a process with the entire team got to meet an uplifting and inspiring young woman in our community - it was a so great getting to know you Georgia thanks for making our city a better place!

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